Bodybuilding judge gives federation thumbs up for recent virtual nationals


Chief Judge for the Antigua and Barbuda Bodybuilding & Weightlifting Federation (ABBWF), Errol Williams, has lauded the body for the execution of its first virtual national championships held on August 28.

Williams, who played a key role in the event held at the Cathedral Cultural Center, said he was satisfied with the numbers where it pertains to athletes while the execution from an organizing standpoint was also on point.

“Generally I was impressed with the whole production. I wasn’t surprised with the turnout in athletes, but I was disappointed in the male bodybuilding. I wasn’t surprised, but I was disappointed; but as far as the other categories like bikini wellness and men’s physique, I expected to see the quality, and I saw it. The quality was really good,” he said.

Williams revealed also that he has stepped down from his post as chief judge for the CAC region.

“I had given that up in 2018 and I was also the vice president for the eastern region in the CAC and I gave up those in 2018. But I still do the head judge locally,” he said.

Several winners were crowned following the 2021 edition of the national championship.

Franklyn Carbon emerged champion of the Masters Bodybuilding and Bodybuilding categories of Saturday’s national championship. Yvette Butler was crowned Masters Bikini Fitness champion while Kala Francis won the Bikini Wellness category. 

Duncan Corbin was overall winner in the Men’s Physique division, while Makiva Elvin won the Bikini Fitness category and Shaquille Thomas grabbed the Classic Physique title.


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